About Us

SimpanAja is the first premium standalone storage solution in Indonesia. We aim to help you

in tidying up and simplifying your life so that you can focus on other important things.

We strive to provide comfort, convenience and security for your personal or professional needs as your trusted storage partner.

Who We Are

SimpanAja was born out of the experience of its founders, who felt there was a lack of high-quality, reliable, and safe storage options in Indonesia.

With Indonesia's booming economy, rising middle class, increased apartment living, and work-from-home trend, which substantially reduced the requirement for office space, SimpanAja identified the need to provide safe, climate-controlled storage solutions for personal or professional use.

We strive to make our customers feel at ease and confident that their personal and business belongings are in trusted hands for the long haul.

Why SimpanAja?

SimpanAja makes it easy for you to organize and store your belongings by providing safe, controlled and easily accessible storage facilities for a specified time.

Security Access (CCTV Features)

All SimpanAja storage warehouses are equipped with guaranteed security facilities.

Think more clearly in a tidier room. SimpanAja is here so you can focus on more important things.

Kristin. Co Founder and Director

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